All About Wax Beads

Most of you are used to the traditional ways of waxing but there is a new addition to this known as wax beads. These beads are specially formulated for depilatory waxing.

Hard wax beans are non-sticky and easy to peel off. There unique formula ensures that they do not stick to the skin and only attach to the hairs, this makes it easy to peel off the wax patches or strips. They are very effective at pulling out the hair and not leaving a residue of wax.

The base ingredient is rosin – an all-natural form of resin which is extracted from pine trees and other coniferous plants. Almost all of the hard wax beans currently on the market claim to be chemical-free.

Benefits of Wax Beads Over Strips

  1. You don’t need any cloth or strips – you can perform strip less waxing using these beads because they harden after application and yet the wax patch remains pliable. This makes it a highly convenient, user-friendly method for hair removal.

  2. Using waxing beans for hair removal is quite painless (the level of pain also depends partly on how you pull off the wax patch and the sensitivity of the area you are waxing). The pain is a major reason why so many people avoid waxing. This is why hard waxing beans are a miracle. This type of wax does not stick to the skin – it only attaches itself to the hair, tightly holding it and hardening around it as it dries. It removes only the hairs, which means there is minimal pain and irritation involved

  3. Hard wax beads are effective at hair removal. Even coarse, hard hairs are removed with a good application. These beans can be used to easily remove hair from all parts of the body, including legs, armpits and bikini lines

  4. Most hairs will be caught first time round and even if some are left, you can easily go over them during the same waxing session (or tweeze them later if you prefer). For a Brazilian it is probably better to start with another area on your body such as your arms or legs to get the feel and hang of using the wax beads first before trying on sensitive areas.

  5. Hard wax beans have long-lasting results. The reason being is that they pull the hair out from the root, the regrowth can take weeks to a month. Hard wax beans do not cause any distortion to the hair follicles. Other types of wax might damage the hair follicles and lead to pain. Hard wax beans can remove hair at any angle.

  6. Hard wax beans are safe, effective, painless, easy to use, stripless, and mess-free hair removal method

  7. Hard wax beans heat up easily and melt quickly into an spreadable wax, which hardens on the skin (while still remaining pliable) and can easily and painlessly be peeled off the skin using your fingers – no strips required!

  8. Hard wax beans are super easy to work with and they are able to tightly grip and remove hair (yes, even the strongest, most stubborn hairs) as they harden makes hard wax beans ideal for hair removal on all parts of the body. They can be used on the face (eyebrows, upper lip, beard, you name it), underarms, arms, legs, the bikini line.

How to Use Them

  • Pour the beans into your wax warmer (if you haven’t got one, popping them in a microwave, using a microwave-safe container,

  • Let them warm up and melt, check the temperature, spread them onto your skin using an applicator stick or spatula,

  • Wait a couple seconds to harden up (you can test it by tapping it with your fingers), and then pull it off painlessly to reveal hairless smooth skin.


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