All About Film Wax

Film Wax – the new and latest advancement in waxing technology is becoming the buzz word a lot of women are starting to ask questions about.

So here is an explanation that we hope will provide you with some additional information especially when selecting which wax will be best for you.

The Key Differentiator About Film Wax

It is a hybrid between a hot wax and a strip wax. It has he best characteristics of both the hot wax and the strip wax.

The application of film wax is as comfortable as a hot wax, paired with the lightweight ability to spread strip wax. As the wax shrink-wraps itself around the hair, the result is a less painful hair removal treatment that effortlessly removes hairs as short as 1mm. (This totally eliminates the need for tweezers!)

Film wax is a very economical wax, as you only need to apply an incredibly thin layer of it.

Applying Film Wax

To maximise the best results when heating the wax place the wax in the heater and turn it on to a high heat setting. The wax will melt and become very runny; this is the correct consistency at this stage. Stir well and reduce the heat by turning the heater down.

4 Step Process

  1. Cleanser & Toner: Prepare the area you intend to wax by cleansing it with the Hairgo pre wax cleansing gel to ensure a hygienic waxing experience.

  2. Applying the wax: Unlike hot wax, film wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth. Moving swiftly, load your spatula and spread the wax onto the skin in a very thin layer. Make sure to slightly lift the spatula at the end of the movement in order to leave a thicker edge – this will enable you to grip the wax for removal. Wave over the patch until the wax strings snap off.

  3. Removing the wax: Once the wax has cooled and becomes firm and doesn’t stick to your fingers when you tap it, flick up one of the thicker edges, grip it firmly, hold the skin with your other hand and remove the wax like you would with hot wax. Immediately apply firm pressure with your hand to soothe the area.

  4. After Care: Apply the Hairgo Post wax soothing lotion immediately after waxing. You could use a cotton pad or simply apply it directly to the skin. Massage the lotion into the skin for deep absorption.

Which Treatments Should Film Wax Be Used For?

Film wax is versatile that, and can be used for almost all wax treatments. It does take some practice to get the application correct for some treatments, but it is best suited to facial and Brazilian waxes in particular.

The extremely low melting temperature contributes to a much more comfortable treatment.


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